Become A Merchant

Join The 400 Market Family

We offer a wide variety of possibilities to sell your product. New merchants are always welcome. We shall provide you with space, subject to availability, outdoors under our roof line or out in the open. Within the building, we offer space for almost any type of merchandise. These spaces are in well-trafficked areas and potentially good sales spots.

Monthly Pricing

Parking Lot (Outside)


Wooden Stall (Outside)


Inside 8’x8′ + HST


Inside 8×16′ + HST


Inside 8×24′ + HST



Daily Pricing

Parking Lot (Outside)

$30-$40 /Saturday
$40-$50 /Sunday
$70-$90 /Weekend

Wooden Stall (Outside)

$40 /Saturday
$50 /Sunday
$90 /Weekend

Inside 8×8′ Booth

$75 /Saturday
$75 /Sunday
$150 /Weekend

New merchants have the option of a one day or weekend rentals, both for inside or out. Or for permanent space first and last months rent on deposit is required, with 30 days notice upon leaving. So no long term leases are required. We offer attractive prices and hope to welcome you at the 400 Market.